Fastest and easiest way to make dashboards from Baserow data? Suggestions?

Hey guys,
I am trying out different tools , experimenting the fastest opensource way to make beautiful dashboards without coding using data in baserow.

Any suggestions?

I am giving directus a try. I had a slight look at tooljet, but looks like it needs a lot of coding.

I wish there were tools where you could simply import the rest API to see the data similar to how baserow provides webhooks to push the data. And then, I want to drag and drop charts, select the columns based on which the charts appear. This is my dream tool but I wonder if any such exist.

Any suggestions appreciated



@joseph_appsmith has created a kind of dashboard tool in Appsmith that allows to connect to a Baserow database and visualise the data with charts: Base-smith: Mobile CRUD App for Baserow data, built in Appsmith



@frederikdc , thanks for sharing my app! That one is just a simple CRUD app though.

Here’s another one that has the chart examples.

Thank you for all your answers. I will try them out!

@joseph_appsmith Thanks for your example app. I was able to add a few more features to be able to login and browse:

The analytics dashboard that you have made is cool. It’ll be super powerful if we could integrate your charts with AI to generate it based on natural language queries on the data.

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Hey @computersrmyfriends , glad to hear you found the app helpful!

It’ll be super powerful if we could integrate your charts with AI to generate it based on natural language queries on the data.

That could be possible using the ChatGPT API and the right prompt. I’ve used it quite a bit to write JavaScript for transforming data in Appsmith. I think it could be adapted to charts.

I am interested in pursuing in this direction to integrate plain english data analysis to baserow. I think we would send the column names to chatgpt and ask it to provide a query? is there a way to query javascript objects similar to sql?

Once we get the filtered data…I think it would be in JSON…would json2chart instantly provide the chart?


Any thoughts on the workflow?

Hey @computersrmyfriends , sorry I just now saw this. Yes, you could send ChatGPT a sample of the data, and ask it to write a function that filters it, then run that function on your Baserow data and feed the output to a chart widget. I’ve done something similar here, but without the charts.

wow, looks great!! Is it available to fork and add features to it?

not yet, but I plan to put out a guide soon to help users get started with ChatGPT in Appsmith.

For now, their API docs and our docs on setting up an API connection should be enough to get you started. Feel free to ask in our support if you get stuck.

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Would you be able to share your enhanced version of the appsmith explorer?