Overview of the forum categories!


This is a friendly place to talk about Baserow and get help from the team and other folks just like you :handshake:

Check out a rough overview of the new forum categories:
β†’ Welcome to the Baserow community: New to the community? Get familiar with what is the Baserow community about here.
β†’ Announcements: Used to broadcast updates, releases, and company news.
β†’ Baserow help: Do you need help with how to use Baserow itself? Give a shout on this channel and someone will help.
β†’ Feedback: Did you find a bug or have a suggestion on how to improve the exciting feature? Share your thoughts on this channel (better with a screenshot).
β†’ Tips&Tricks: Have you figured out how to do something cool on Baserow? Share your knowledge with the rest of the community.
β†’ Feature Ideas: Do you miss some functionality? Make sure to share your ideas here.
β†’ Templates: Do you have an idea or prototype for a template? Show them! We’re always happy to see what you come up with.
β†’ Made with Baserow: Showcase or promote your projects built with Baserow.
β†’ Introductions: Introduce yourself.

For the developers here, use these channels to connect with our engineers:
β†’ Technical help: Do you have problems with the self-hosted version or API? Ask here.
β†’ Plugins: Do you want to talk about the integrations, and plugins or show off your custom-built scripts? This is the right channel for it.

Tags are now enabled: apply tags to your topics and filter topics by tags. We want to start using tags to organize content in a way that will be even more intuitive and simple for our members.

If you have some suggestions on categories, tell us β€” we value your opinion and any feedback is highly welcomed :raised_hands: