Repeat the data repeatedly in Baserow


Repeat the data repeatedly: monthly, annually, daily, weekly


I could receive by email some notification about some data monthly, daily, annually or for a period of time that I define in Baserow

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Hello @jamesgsbraves, thanks for sharing your idea with us! Can you further describe your use case? We often ask our contributors to share the use case just to better understand the context behind the request which is super helpful while evaluating possible ways of implementing a new feature :sweat_smile:


@olgatrykush Hi!

Can you further describe your use case?

yeah!.. my idea would be to use Baserow as a personal financial system… some numerical data repeats daily… monthly or yearly or according to the time I set

Hey @jamesgsbraves, thanks for sharing the details of your idea! We’ll probably build something similar in the far future when we’ll be working on the workflow automation chapter. For now, we can advise you to use Zapier to cover this need :smiley:

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