Repeat the data repeatedly in Baserow


Repeat the data repeatedly: monthly, annually, daily, weekly


I could receive by email some notification about some data monthly, daily, annually or for a period of time that I define in Baserow

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Hello @anon7289648, thanks for sharing your idea with us! Can you further describe your use case? We often ask our contributors to share the use case just to better understand the context behind the request which is super helpful while evaluating possible ways of implementing a new feature :sweat_smile:


@olgatrykush Hi!

Can you further describe your use case?

yeah!.. my idea would be to use Baserow as a personal financial system… some numerical data repeats daily… monthly or yearly or according to the time I set

Hey @anon7289648, thanks for sharing the details of your idea! We’ll probably build something similar in the far future when we’ll be working on the workflow automation chapter. For now, we can advise you to use Zapier to cover this need :smiley:

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Hey guys,

I would like to contribute with relevant information according to my experience in software development. Something I noticed interesting about this feature is that it is related to the PostgreSQL database feature, there is a table scheduling feature. Before checking this code, please see the documentation here: pg_cron. But before that, I wanted to say some interesting observations. I find this feature useful for these reasons:

1. “You can limit the amount of data that will be stored by yourself”. This idea of mine did not come from my head, there is a very interesting technical discussion here: Block row or column information or modification history, Reversion ( record history ), Row change history - idea for a free plan, Editing history. From the user’s point of view, the user could define the time in which the data will be repeated, stored, visualized, edited or changed. There are currently no nocode databases that have this feature and this would make Baserow even more popular. What do you all think of this idea?

2. From an “implementation” point of view, perhaps we can use Zapier as an alternative to repeat, change, delete certain data with some automation. But this is interesting from the point of view of greater privacy, security and anonymity. And because this would be an alternative or solution to the end-to-end encryption problem in Baserow: Does Baserow use end-to-end encryption?. In other words, only people can view the data with certain permission, use and with a specific and defined time. For example, from a “technical standpoint”, there are PostgreSQL extensions that allow for this.

In that case, it would be something + or - like this:

-- example 1: test
SELECT cron.schedule ('Loading Data Warehouse', '20 0-23 * * *', 'select dwh.load_dwh();');
-- example 2: delete old data on Saturday at 3:30am (GMT)
SELECT cron.schedule('30 3 * * 6', $$DELETE FROM events WHERE event_time < now() - interval '1 week'$$);

2.1 What do you all think about using pg_cron for this feature?

2.2 I would like to know if it would be possible to schedule a select in the Baserow for field or table information. would it be possible to schedule a select in the Baserow for field or table information? Would it be possible to filter certain data or lines according to a time in Baserow?

Hello @anon59363363, we plan to build a workflow automation tool in the future. I believe that the ability to define the time/schedule of a selection, etc. will be addressed then.

I’m happy with this feedback here, but I have an interesting doubt or I think it is interesting and it is not. I would like to insert an interesting note, according to some GDPR Data Protection Rights, “in theory I would have these rights¹” :

Maybe about these rights, I believe this resource can state that. Since, I could customize the period in which the data will be used, and this would increase portability, since in theory I would have x amount of data available in x amount of time available for cconsultation. As in theory, I would have the right to erase certain data for a custom period of time, ie under certain conditions. In addition, in theory I could restrict data processing since the data will be stored for the period I define.

What do you think about this observation? does it make sense from a GDPR perspective to offer this feature?

1 I say “in theory I would have these rights”, because I don’t know the law and I’m just quoting something that was passed on to me (for example, I was looking into Baserow privacy and found some articles about it posted here. I am not asserting or saying that I disagree about privacy, as well as, I’m not even doubting or questioning Baserow’s privacy)