Todo-txt format in Api Baserow


I would like a Baserow api to have the support to read the todo-txt format, so I could write text files and send to baserow



X (A) one more another task test  +project @context dfdadfd 2018-08-02 #2018-08-02 due:2018-08-20

sample object in url

check: "true", 
priority: "A", 
describe: "one more another task test",
project: "project",
context: "dfdadfd",
date_start: "2018-08-02",

sample url rest in api Baserow<bool>/priority/<string>/describe/<string>/project/<string>/context/<string>/datestart/<string>/datedue/<string>


  1. I know many people who use the todo-txt format to manage their activities, daily tasks
  2. The Baserow api can offer a support layer for the todo-txt format to help these people migrate to Baserow
  3. Libraries written in python and in various programming languages are already able to read and write this text file format, which would be easy to support in the Baserow api
  4. This can unite the open source todo-txt format community with Baserow
  5. There are several programs that support the todo-txt format - Baserow as well as Seatable or Airtable are programs that do not support this file format, it would be innovative if Baserow had support for this file format


Todo.txt is a specialized, context-specific, format for tracking to-dos. I don’t really see how it fits in a general-purpose database like Baserow, since it would then have to manage specific tables and relationships for you.

In the future Baserow might have some form of “apps” besides the main “database” application and then it could make sense for a specialized app to perform such task. Ideally, Baserow will enable people to create these apps through plugins and make it simple to install and use them.


Since you already mentioned you would be calling the Baserow HTTP API, what stops you to convert the format into a set of generic API calls to Baserow at the moment?