Using the Baserow api to import tasks from a txt file(todo.txt)

Hi guys.

1. Disclaimer

1.1 I would like to contribute to this specific topic: Todo-txt format in Api Baserow. For example, there is a library called [todotxtio]( which read todotxt files. Initially, I thought I’d respond here instead of the topic, since I’d rather do an initial demo.

1.2 Add pip install to: requests json todotxtio

1.3 Create a file called [todo.txt]( and an file called

1.4 Use the baserow api to send and receive data: todo.txt. By default, the Baserow API works through get and post http calls.

1.5 txt format is a simple set of rules that make todo.txt both human and machine-readable . The format supports priorities, creation and completion dates, projects

2. Create a file called todo.txt and
It is important to create these files if you want to do this process automatically with a few clicks.

2.1 filename: ./todo.txt
Here we read a txt file with information line by line of txt tasks.

(A) Thank Mom for the meatballs @phone

2.2 filename: ./
Here is a python script that reads the todotxt file locally and imports it in a post request to Baserow.

import requests
import json
import todotxtio

def apiHeader(token):
  return {"Authorization": "Token " + token, "Content-Type": "application/json"}
def apiGet(id):
  return ""+id+"/?user_field_names=true"

def getBase(id, token):
  return requests.get(apiGet(id), headers=apiHeader(token))

def postBase(id, token, string):
  return, headers=apiHeader(token), json={"taskName":string})
def listDatabase(id, token, property):
  viewList = json.loads(json.dumps(getBase(id, token).json()))
  return viewList[property]

def viewGet(idTable, token, property):
  taskName = []
  for index, item in enumerate(listDatabase(idTable, token, property)):
  print('taskName: ', taskName)

def listTodos():
  list_of_todos = todotxtio.from_file('todo.txt')
  return list_of_todos

def listToString(array):
  return ' '.join([str(elem) for elem in array])

def viewPost(idTable, token):
  return postBase(idTable, token, listToString(listTodos()))

viewGet('id_table', 'add_token', 'add_property')
viewPost('id_table', 'add_token')

3. Data

4. Final considerations
4.1 What do you all think of this idea?
4.2 This code is in the public domain, use or modify it however you want.
4.3 The codebase of this code is the same one I developed to generate graphs in Baserow etc
4.4 This code is something basic for demonstration purposes.
4.5 I hope to contribute in some way to the Baserow community.
4.6 If you all have any questions, call me here and I’ll see how I can help

Don’t forget that the free plan has limitations
Please, see this: Baserow free tier limits
1.1 Maximum of 3.000 rows per group/workspace in free plan(Baserow)
1.2 Maximum of 2GB of storage in free plan(Baserow)
1.3 Maximum of 1.000 monthly API requests in free plan(Baserow)
1.4 Support via the community, tutorials, FAQ, user docs in free plan(Baserow)

Thank you for your activity @solarsbeans. It’s amazing to see how many cool #MadeWithBaserow projects you were able to create over the weekend. :blue_heart:

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