App Builder Templates


I am trying to get my head round the App Builder but struggling to visualise how best to use it so I thought i’d refer to templates. Where can I find these? I’ve watched the video series and taken a look at the website and the app builder website says you have templates?

Hey @NicoR93, apologies for the confusion! Application Builder templates are coming in Baserow 1.25, which is pre-scheduled for the end of May. :raised_hands:

Thank you for your reply. Would you happen to have any links or examples of how people have been able to use the App Builder. I’m going to rewatch the playlist you created but just wondered if there were any examples?

Hey @NicoR93, sure, please check out these links:

Apologies for the quality. I quickly recorded this GIF to demonstrate how the product roadmap can be managed using the Application Builder:


@frederikdc, could we perhaps share a few links to the finished projects so that @NicoR93 can see the Application Builder in action?

Hi, is a nice one.

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