Baserow free tier limits

Hello community,
I am using baserow cloud as my backed database and it’s so good so far.

I am particularly somewhat doubtful if I can rely my entire production application on baserow in future.

I want to know as I am in free tier what are the API limits, storage and bandwidth limit. If it’s not there so far what will be the future plans?
And anything else I need to know…


Hey @Siddharth, that’s a valid questions and I’m more than happy to answer that.

You have to see the hosted and self hosted version of Baserow as two different things. The hosted is version is currently completely free with a fair use policy. The “free for now” mention on the homepage is related to the hosted version. In the future, we’re going to introduce limitations to the hosted version, namely in the amount of rows that you can store, the gigabytes in storage and the probably the amount of public API requests. Baserow will remain free, but if you want to store more than 3k rows, 2GB and 1k monthly API requests you need to upgrade to the next plan, which is probably going to cost 5 euro per user per month. Upgrading will also give you access to the premium features.

The self hosted version will never have row, storage or API request limitations. It will always be unlimited. However, if you want to activate the premium features, do need to pay for it on a per user per month basis. It’s probably also going to start with 5 euro per month.

These are the plans that I have in mind so far, but they could still change. I would love to hear your thoughts on the pricing?

Hosted version

Free plan

  • Access to the open source features
  • Maximum of 3.000 rows per group/workspace
  • Maximum of 2GB of storage
  • Maximum of 1.000 monthly API requests
  • Support via the community, tutorials, FAQ, user docs

Premium plan (5$ / €5 per user per month)

  • Everything the free plan has
  • Access to the premium features
  • Maximum of 10.000 rows per group/workspace
  • Maximum of 5GB of storage
  • Maximum of 20.000 monthly API requests

Advanced plan (30$ / €30 per user per month)

  • Everything the premium plan has
  • Maximum of 100.000 rows per group/workspace
  • Maximum of 10GB or storage
  • Maximum of 50.000 monthly API requests
  • Direct and guaranteed support via live chat

Self hosted version

Open source plan

  • Access to the open source features
  • Unlimited rows, storage and API requests
  • Support via the community, tutorials, FAQ, user docs

Premium plan (5$ / €5 per user per month)

  • Everything the open source plan has
  • Access to the premium features (Kanban view, row comments, etc)

Enterprise plan (30$ / €30 per user per month)

  • Everything the premium plan has
  • Access to the enterprise features (SSO, Audit log, Admin dashboard etc)
  • Direct and guaranteed support via live chat

All the pricing and details I mentioned here still subjected to change.


Users from Europe would have to pay more then users from the USA :wink:
At the current rate 30 Dollars = 26,50 Euro. I would just use 30 dollars and let the exchange office decide what the current rate is.

That would be around 33 per day. Why put a limit on the number of api calls? There is already a limit with the number of rows and storage space.

That’s true, but VAT in europe is often higher than sales tax in the U.S… You also see this with other tech soft and hardware that the dollar price is equal to the euro price.

We’re still thinking whether or not we should offer API limitations for the free versions or what the actual limit should be, it might even be 10k for the free version. We do see very high usages from certain accounts, resulting in 200k requests in a matter of days. It also costs us bandwidth and other resources to provide that. It made sense from our perspective to limit that. Users can also easily self host Baserow without any API rate limitations.

Wow, that is really much.

Yes and that could be done i guess easily at a cost of around 4-5 euros a month. For example via a vps.

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Per user ? I didn’t get it, i m the only little developer in my team or the by user u mean the end user of application.

I think it’s somewhat too low😁 just my opinion,

Frankly speaking I am just too afraid of self hosting because I feel something may go wrong in the future like a technical issue in the cluster or a server issue or new update issue etc so I like cloud one, as i know many smart and skillful heros are behind it.

I have gone through many database as a service providers and saw their plans, some do not offer a free plan direct contact to sales while others does but with too much limitations. I want baserow to provide as as much as they can in free plan and keep the price lowest in the market, once userbase grow and trust increase the price can also be increased.
I request to accept many countries domestic cards as possible with international cc because I faced this problem many times when I wanted to subscribe a plan.

Ofcourse i see my applications future here and want more features which are necessary but not ready yet, more tutorials and how to docs.



It is related to end-users of Baserow, users who will manipulate the database by having their Baserow account. It is not related to end-users of your application that will be using Baserow.


Thanks for your feedback @Siddharth! We’re going to take this into consideration when deciding on the initial pricing and plans.

Greetings to all.

I am new to Baserow and it is very easy to learn, first of all, congratulations on this great project.

I have read and analyzed the plans in your survey for future collections.

Suddenly one is worried, it is the maximum of 1,000 to monthly API requests (even 50,000 requests).

It is understandable that for one as a user in the free version that are the 1,000 solitudes, on the part of the user would be very little, but from you would be immense consumption because you have thousands of users using Baserow for free and the bills are not paid alone (It is very understandable in that aspect)

I also agree with what @Siddharth says on the subject of self-hosting, for the issue of some change they make in that platform where one is going to mount it (I already pass to me with a Server and it was chaos for me).

In my opinion:

It would be nice to have an option to buy a plan for the UNLIMITED APIs leaving something like this:

Unlimited API Plan (?$ /? € per user per month)

  • Maximum of 100,000 rows per group/workspace.
  • Maximum of 10 GB or storage.
  • Unlimited Monthly API requests.
  • Direct and guaranteed support through live chat.

And Look what price is attractive to you and to us users.

Thank you very much for your attention and a greeting to all.

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Hey @Diagonal, that makes sense. A 1000 requests is indeed too low and we’re doubting whether we want to limit API usage at all. If we’re going to limit, it’s only the for the usage of the API using a public token (the ones with CRUD permissions). Alternatively, you can always use the self hosted version, there will never be data or usage limitations there at all.


Greetings, today I saw an update and in the administrative panel. I note that in all versions I see it very fair, although I know, that I am going to move to the PREMIUM PLAN or ADVANCED PLAN version because of the ROWS issue.

But the issue of the “Public REST API”, it is not very clear, if it is unlimited in the 3 plans in the “HOSTED” version. I really do not want to install, I just want to be the HOSTED version and in the 3 plans I do not see any API consumption option, and thus take the step to get fully involved with BASEROW.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Hi @Diagonal, we have decided to not implement any API usage limits in the hosted version for now. We do expect fair usage of the API of course and will reach out if someone is excessively using it, but there is no limit for now. This might change at some point in the future. The self hosted version will never have API usage limits.

Hi there

It’s only been a few days since I have started playing around with Baserow. But I do need to understand if this will fit me for the purpose of an app for which I am looking for a hosted database.

Happy to start with free tier but looking to take the premium plan eventually. but I am a little unclear with the pricing.

It looks like you pay $5 per month and you get 20,000 api monthly requests but what about the rows? Am I only allowed to have max 10,000 rows per group or that’s also per month but capped at 5GB? I dont think 10,000 max rows would make any sense as any decent sized application with a few tables will easily outgrow that limit very quickly.

Can someone clarify this? I went through this post but I am still clueless.

thanks a lot.


Hello @keen_to_learn! Thanks for your interest in Baserow :blush:

All limitations are per group. So if you’re on the Premium plan, the limit is 10.000 rows per group. This is the limit of all the databases combined in a single group.

In the self-hosted version though, you have unlimited rows, storage, and API requests, so you won’t worry about limits as data sets grow.